Daily Distraction: Become an 'Expat' with Moviola

Travel the world via green screen in the long-running local act's new song and video, featuring a cameo from Ron House

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive

Last year, soon after the pandemic shut things down, Columbus' time-tested, ramshackle five-piece Moviola released a new album, Scrape and Cuss, and also remastered and reissued its eight previous albums.

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Now, the band is back with a new single, "Expat," and a fun video to accompany the tune, which finds Jerry Dannemiller pining for a move to far-flung locales as a means of escaping America's "jingoism." "I wanna be an expat," Dannemiller sings, his bandmates accompanying him with cascading, Beach Boys-y harmonies.

"Expat" is the first single from Moviola's tenth record, Broken Rainbows, due to release on Sept. 3. Check out the video below, and stay tuned to the end for a cameo from Ron House.