Daily Distraction: Listen to Souther's swan song

One of Alive's 2018 Bands to Watch calls it quits after releasing a final album

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Souther photographed in 2018

In 2018, when Alive named Souther one of its Bands to Watch, singer and guitarist Carly Fratianne spoke about how she was drawn to a more emotive quality in music.

"The songwriting was great," she said of her early interest in Conor Oberst, "but it was more about, 'How does this make me feel?'"

A similar drive has long fueled Fratianne's musical pursuits outside of Souther, both in wyd (Bands to Watch Class of 2019) and as a solo artist. But in the wake of the pandemic and a reignited Black lives matter movement, the musician spoke last year about taking a more intentioned approach to music, no less emotional but perhaps more engaged with the moment.

"All of a sudden it feels so stupid to write a song about being in love with someone. Everything we used to write about feels trite as hell, like, dude, who gives a shit about ex-lovers when no one has a job and there are protests going on that are changing the framework of America?” Fratianne said in September

Amid this societal upheaval, Fratianne and her bandmates in Souther, Jack Lynch and Alex Randall, could never find an appropriate time to release new album Creature, which the trio started in 2018, and which has been sitting complete for more than two years.

"There's a lot we could say about these songs, but after all this time, we feel they deserve to speak for themselves," the band wrote in a Facebook post announcing both the release of the new album, which you can listen to below, as well as the dissolution of the band. "Last year was a tough one all around, and after some hard questions, we've decided that our time as Souther the band has come to an end. ... Stay tuned for the next adventure as we come back to life here on planet earth. Until then, we hope to see you dancing at all the old haunts."