Daily Distraction: Get in a 'State' with Laura Stevenson

The singer's self-titled album releases soon on Don Giovanni Records

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Laura Stevenson

Until today, I somehow I missed that Laura Stevenson has a new record coming out. The talented singer and songwriter's previous album, The Big Freeze, was one of my favorites of 2019, and she put on a fantastic show at the Big Room Bar in December of that year. 

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This month, Stevenson is releasing a self-titled album on Don Giovanni, and it begins with the track "State," which finds Stevenson getting louder and angrier, but not right away. “I’m in a state again, but I stay polite,” she sings, though she eventually can't hold it in as the instruments build. "I become rage, a shining example of pure anger,” Stevenson sings towards the end of the song, receding into an uneasy acceptance.

Stevenson was pregnant with her first child when she recorded this batch of songs. “The album was written as a sort of purge and a prayer,” she said in a statement. “It was a very intense experience to re-live all of the events of the previous year, while tracking these songs, with my daughter growing inside me, reliving all of that fear and pain and just wanting to protect her from the world that much more. It made me very raw.”

Check out the video for "State" below, which features Leslie Bembinster taking out her rage on inanimate objects.