Daily Distraction: Get out of Sam Corlett's garden

The Columbus singer and songwriter's new single, 'In My Garden,' was co-produced by Glenn Davis and Keith Hanlon

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Cover art for Sam Corlett's new single, "In My Garden."

"Get out of my garden/I'm not your tree to climb/Our house burned down/Don't waste anymore of my time," Sam Corlett sings on new synth-pop single "In My Garden," released earlier this month.

While the lyrics don't beat around the bush, the musical atmosphere is lush and hopeful, full of "oohs" and "ahhs" and babbling-brook-style sound effects, courtesy of co-producers Glenn Davis and Keith Hanlon.

"I wrote this song after being invited to perform at TEDxColumbus in 2018. I was at a road stop at the end of the earth in NZ when I got the call," Corlett said in a social media post. "The opportunity to share at TED was too great to not use as motivation fuel to get to the point for myself as an artist; I wanted to create something that I would feel really proud to share."

Listen to "In My Garden" below via Bandcamp.