Daily Distraction: Hear two new songs from Son of Dribble

The 2020 Columbus Alive Band to Watch also has a new album, ‘Son of Drib Against the Wind,’ coming later this year.

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Son of Dribble

Recently, 2020 Columbus Alive Band to Watch Son of Dribble recorded a new album with Zac Szymusiak. Titled Son of Drib Against the Wind, the record is slated for release later this year, but until then, Dribble drummer Vicky Mahnke, guitarist Darren Latanick and singer Andy Clager are releasing a series of singles and videos.

First up is a double-sided digital single featuring two new garage-pop tracks, "Dusty" and "J & Dubuffet," which the band recorded on the coldest day of the year in the spot where Son of Dribble does all of its recording: the musty basement of an unoccupied house. 

That layer of dust and grime has coated Clager's lo-fi art-rock songs since day one, but with each release, the singer's love of a good pop hook cuts through the musty crust more and more, perhaps never more so than on these two new tracks. 

Check out "Dusty" and "J & Dubuffet" via Bandcamp below.