Daily Distraction: Happy Chichester asks, 'Have You Noticed?'

The Howlin' Maggie and Royal Crescent Mob alum recorded a probing new track during the pandemic lockdown

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Cover art for Happy Chichester's new single, "Have You Noticed?"

"There's nothing normal here," Columbus songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Happy Chichester sings in his new single, "Have You Noticed?" It's a statement that rings true amid a world inundated with disinformation, social and political turmoil and widespread environmental disasters.

To illustrate the "not normal" point visually, Dave Rygalski, who directed and produced the video for Chichester's song, intercuts tranquil scenes of sun-soaked picnics and cozy campfires with snippets of uprisings in New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis, where clouds of tear gas engulf Black protesters. It brings to mind the uncomfortable juxtaposition of images from last spring and summer, when white brunch-goers enjoyed their drinks as others marched in the streets with fists raised.

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"Have You Noticed?" follows the trend of Chichester's songs growing increasingly outspoken and political as the former Howlin' Maggie frontman and Royal Crescent Mob singer/bassist uses his music as a platform to bring attention to societal ills.

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Chichester, who was recently on the receiving end of a tribute from Dave Grohl, wrote, sang, played, recorded and produced the new track during the pandemic lockdown, and Barrett Jones mixed it. Check out the video for "Have You Noticed?" via Bandcamp below.