Daily Distraction: Check out Palette Knife's quarantine rocker 'Jelly Boi'

After issuing a full-length in May, the Columbus emo/pop-punk trio recently released a new single

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Palette Knife

"I don't feel sad anymore," sings Alec Licata, guitarist and vocalist for local emo-rock trio Palette Knife, on killer new single "Jelly Boi." Don't mistake this for a feel-good anthem, though. The song comes across as a document of what it felt like to be listless and unable to feel anything in those ultra-isolated days early on in the pandemic. 

"Don’t leave the house anymore. I have everything I need right here. I don’t feel sad anymore. I learned how to be alone," Licata sings, later adding: "All I learned is that the only thing that changes during quarantine is the chemical makeup of my body as it relates to a ratio of water to Yellowtail chardonnay."

I take it back, though: It is kind of a feel-good anthem, because Palette Knife seems to be incapable of writing songs without a cathartic, bloodletting refrain, and "Jelly Boi" is no different. RIYL Take This to Your Grave-era Fall Out Boy and Alive Band to Watch snarls.

In May the trio released the album Ponderosa Snake House and the Chamber Of Bullshit on Take This to Heart Records, making the band labelmates with the aforementioned snarls. Catch Licata, bassist Chris Mcgrath and drummer/screamer Aaron Queener at Big Room Bar on Dec. 11. 

Check out "Jelly Boi" below. Beneath that you'll find the band's CD92.9 Big Room livestream performance from back in February. (Please also note that Licata is wearing a "Make America Emo Again" T-shirt underneath the flannel.)