Daily Distraction: Watch the 'Need For Now' video from new Carly Fratianne project Lui

The Souther and wyd songwriter is back with a new, poppy solo project

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Carly Fratianne

Back in May, singer, songwriter and guitarist Carly Fratianne released Creature, the swan song from rock trio Souther, her first band (and a former Alive Band to Watch).

"When I listened to [Creature] this last time, I had a lot of visual accompaniment surface. The ones that we played live a lot, I can vividly remember the times onstage that I played them with the most conviction,” she told Alive at the time. “It's been so long since I've just ripped a guitar solo onstage, and I had that feeling where your feet come off the ground a little bit. And then I also had that feeling of, ‘Damn, I really meant that when I said it, didn't I?'"

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Fratianne, who plays in wyd (another former Band to Watch) and sometimes performs as Caroline Louise, also recounted her pandemic life, racing bikes and settling in the Texas hill country in a converted van she dubbed Oates. She wrote "stacks and stacks of songs" on her own and talked about "greasing up the gears" with wyd. But she also hinted at a forthcoming solo EP. "It's very, very different. I'm very excited about it. It's a new direction," she said.

Today, Fratianne debuted the first song, "Need For Now," from a new solo project, Lui. The song is the first of five tracks produced with Jeremy Steckel at Revelator Sounds in Gahanna. True to her word, "Need For Now" is, indeed, a new direction, with washes of synth, a dance-floor beat and only sparse guitar.

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It's Fratianne at her most "pop," for lack of a better word, and it's yet another example of her astonishing versatility; her first foray into electro-pop is already better than 99 percent of the bands from the press releases I get for similar acts. And while Fratianne's guitar wizardry in other bands is a thing to behold, it's never a bad idea to put her voice front and center. 

Below, check out the "Need For Now" video, which was filmed locally by Anthony Codspotti at The Film Forge.