Daily Distraction: Moviola brings ‘Broken Rainbows’ to life at the Wex

Watch the full September concert from the long-running Columbus band

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

In the lead up to performing Broken Rainbows on the Wexner Center stage in September, band members Jerry Dannemiller and Ted Hattemer discussed plans to “ratchet up” the material by incorporating spoken word vignettes between the songs.

“Sometimes they’re very frank and direct and sobering, and sometimes they’re silly and abstract, but generally they’re a companion piece to the song,” Dannemiller said. “And then we added in visuals that complement the song. Playing a place like the Wexner Center, we’d be kicking ourselves if we didn’t take full advantage of something like that.”

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The resulting performance, which you can watch in full below, opens with Dannemiller singing a verse from Bobby Darrin’s “La Mer (Beyond the Sea)” and then easing into a spoken word monologue in which he daydreams of moving far from his Columbus zip code. The sequence sets up opening song “Expat,” as gorgeously ramshackle here as on record, the band playfully addressing the turbulent political realities of mid to late 2019 — a focus on current events that carries throughout.

“It felt like if we weren’t writing in this moment, then we weren’t really addressing what was going on. And that wasn’t just COVID. It was also Black lives matter,” Hattemer told Alive in April. “If I was 20 years younger, I would have been down there at those protests, but I was terrified. I’m in my mid-50s and I didn’t want to get COVID. So I’m seeing all of these people in the streets, and I’m like, man, I want to support what’s going on, but I’m a shut-in. Now how do I address that in myself?”