Daily Distraction: Rosie Thomas teams up with Sufjan, the Shins on Mariah Carey cover

The swoon-worthy version of 'Always Be My Baby' is from the forthcoming 'Lullabies For Parents Vol. 1'

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Rosie Thomas

Earlier this year we told you about Rosie Thomas' Lullabies For Parents Vol. 1, an EP of originals and covers releasing on April 4, and the first in a series Thomas made "to comfort myself and other parents." You can check out four of the five tracks on Bandcamp now, including a newly issued, gorgeous cover of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" featuring Sufjan Stevens, the Shins and Josh Ottum.

"When you become a parent you see everything through a different lens," Thomas said in a press release. "You suddenly notice the world has been littered with all manner of safety hazards; you marvel at the programming geniuses that run horror movie ads during cable reruns of Despicable Me; you realize The Handmaid's Tale is now thoroughly unwatchable, and in 90s pop songs you now hear reflections on both the lifelong love you have for your children, and the lifelong process of letting them go.

"As I wrote songs for this series to comfort myself and other parents, we thought it would be fun to mix in some unexpected covers - reframing old favorites in this different context, and in this case making what can just as easily be a sweet lullaby, as the next graduation song, or father/bride, mother/groom dance song."

Listen to "Always Be My Baby" below.