What are you wearing?

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There's no time to be high-fashion. And who would want to, with the potential to get drooled on?

New mom Elizabeth Flood knows it's easy to fall into a frumpy slump post-pregnancy. But she's tried to stay trendy and put-together since Dominic was born eight months ago - and luckily for her, throwing on heels doesn't take long.

"I always wear heels, even if I'm going to the grocery store," Flood said. "If I'm wearing a T-shirt, I'm wearing heels. I'll dress it up that way."

Her extensive shoe collection, including a pair of sky-high purple and silver heels, some strappy gold ones and new ankle booties, make dressing up that much easier.

And with earrings, a necklace or color-coordinated nail polish, her accessories usually upstage her clothes. She prefers understated outfits like simple tops, jeans and dresses.

"As boring as it is, my wardrobe is a lot of black," Flood said.

Maintaining her style, however simple, makes her feel good.

"Definitely, it's hard to get ready, it's hard to keep up on taking care of yourself with a new baby, but I think it's important that you do," she said. "You're already struggling to keep your identity, because ... your life's so different."

While there's not a lot of time for shopping, Flood beelines to her favorites when she has a chance: H&M, Arden B., Bebe and Charlotte Russe.

But a pair of Abercrombie jeans she's had since high school, when she worked for the store, show she still fits into those favorites and isn't quick to get rid of clothes.

It's something her husband and sister make fun of, but to Flood, it makes sense: "I'll just mix and match with a new piece that I bought."


Shirt: H&M

Jeans: "They were, like, $19 at Charlotte Russe. I do not buy expensive jeans."

Shoes: from Aldo

Watch: from Macy's

Earrings: from an art festival in New York. "Elephants, they say, you turn them out, it's good luck."

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