Tattoo you

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Best friends are used to spending lots of time together, often in close quarters.

Brad Osting and Justin Hemm have been friends since first grade. And as much fun as they're having working together from a table in the corner of Osting's Dublin living room, they'd like to have a little space apart.

What they'd really like to have is a High Street shop where people could stop by, dream up a design for a hand-painted T-shirt and come back an hour later to pick up the finished product.

Dragons, spines and family crest designs dominate, but the two said they'd do a teddy bear if requested.

"Maybe an evil teddy bear, but a teddy bear," joked Hemm, who manages the website and corresponds with customers, sometimes from across the country, to create custom designs.

Osting, with years of graphic design and clothing industry experience behind him, does the artwork.

The concept behind Rusted Apparel is like that of a tattoo, to the point that Osting and Hemm encourage customers to add to the shirts over time.

"It's like how tattooed people like to get sleeves," Hemm said. "Well, if you get a long-sleeve T-shirt, you can do the same thing - you can put something here, you can put something here; then, later, you can put something over here."