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Moving to Columbus changed Oana Lungu's life.

She got caught up in the salsa-dancing scene almost immediately, and she hadn't even danced before. Now, she dances every day, travels out of town for salsa congresses and is getting married to her dancing partner on Sunday.

All that's changed what she likes to wear. After a Marilyn Monroe-esque moment while dancing a while ago, she's come to value styles and fits that are tight and comfortable.

The ruffles and bright colors of salsa translate into an eye-catching, accessorized style off the dance floor. Even if she's wearing a T-shirt, Lungu said, it's got to have some bling.

Dresses and skirts are a dancing favorite - she's got about 25, and finds a lot of them at Torso - but she also likes jeans and flashy, shiny tops from Pitaya, Y Boutique and Au Moda.

Her closet is dominated by black, blue and red. Taken together, it's a dressy, flowy style, and Lungu pointed to Angelina Jolie as her fashion inspiration.

And she's come to value local shopping after seeing how, when nurtured, small businesses can survive.

"Most of the clothes that I wear out, I get them at small boutiques. The stuff that I wear for the office is mostly from the mall," she said, mentioning Bebe, Express and The Limited.

One thing she can't live without? Her dance shoes.

"I have a pair in the car, I have a pair at home, I have a pair at the studio, a pair in my fiance's car - they're everywhere," Lungu said. "Just in case I forget a pair anywhere."

Lungu calls herself a "shoe addict," and said she picked up some red wedding shoes for this weekend.

"Even though it's unconventional to have red wedding shoes, whatever," she said. "I'm unconventional about a lot of things."

The outfit:

Top: from Au Moda

Jeans: from Y Boutique

Shoes: custom-ordered from Salsa Chezotic

Watch: Bulova

Earrings: from Romania, where she grew up

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from Au Moda

from Y Boutique

custom-ordered from Salsa Chezotic


from Romania, where she grew up