Extra Adornments

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Looking through all the purses, clothing and gifts toward the back of Etc. Gifts & Accessories is a challenge, but it's there that an overwhelming feeling might really set in.

Necklaces, earrings, bangles, oh my! The color and shine is enough to make you grab for sunglasses, but the quantity is what's really astounding.

The store's not usually this full, owner Toni Miller Dunleavy said. It's just that few people have been shopping lately. Those who are have plenty to choose from.

Nearly all of the pieces displayed on stands and in cases are standalone, statement items. Giant, colorful resin beads strung together as bracelets and a necklace jump out to the eyes, as do long, sterling silver chains and oversized glass rings.

Israeli jewelry is a specialty at Etc., where Dunleavy sometimes has a hard time keeping the display case full of it -- intricate metal-and-jewel designs that cover the decolletage and necklaces of handmade fabric beads.

"If you love it, you love it," she said, staring at the detailed work of one of the necklaces she was wearing. "And we have quite a following."

If the gifts and jewelry are drawing shoppers in, the purses and apparel are keeping them there. In recent years, Dunleavy's bolstered the boutique's clothing selection with flowy, artsy tops, pants and jackets from all over North America and Europe.

"My clothes are for a more sophisticated palate," she said.

Pairing well with the clothes inventory, purses at Etc. come from little-known labels and span from fun and fancy to cute and casual. Oversized bags abound, and there's even a giant green bag on briefcase-style rolling wheels. (A selection of new bags, belts and jewelry will be featured there at a trunk show Oct. 23-25.)

On the opposite side of the store, Dunleavy's selection of gifts includes uber-cushy slippers decorated with ribbons and velvet, cutesy knit hats and gloves, purses shaped like the faces of some favorite dog breeds, fancy nail files and inspiring paperweights.

Carrol Boyes' designs for the home are sure to please, with their stainless steel figurines adorning serving knives, bowls and fruit baskets. And Dunleavy's especially proud of her choices for babies, like plush learning toys, tiny shoes and a nursing cover for mothers.

"We keep enough baby items that it serves the local community when they need a baby gift," she said.