What are you wearing?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Work. Work out. Back to work. The back-and-forth Kelly Bratton makes between her office and on-site exercise facility during her lunch hour means she keeps clothes simple and jewelry to a minimum. Decorative necklaces or dangly earrings just won't work. Besides, she doesn't like them. Instead, she wears just a few favorite rings and diamond stud earrings that were a gift from her boyfriend.

Her style is similarly simple, what she calls "professional yet fashionable." And although black is a staple in any office, she usually doesn't wear it head-to-toe.

"I was thinking, 'I look like I'm going to a funeral,'" Bratton said during our interview. "I just think this shirt looks better with something that's black."

Bratton feels guilty if she buys anything that can't be worn to work. So she loves striking a happy medium, finding cute and flattering tops that fit in at the office and can be paired with jeans and heels for a night out. Ann Taylor Loft treads the line between age-appropriate and office-appropriate well, and New York & Company is another favorite.

"Places like Express are getting a little young for me," Bratton said, "except I like their career pants. Some of their stuff, I'm looking at it like, 'Maybe New Year's Eve, and that's the only time of the year I'd wear that.'"

Bratton's got lots of coats, but sticks to one staple purse. And she doesn't feel guilty buying jeans, her favorite out-of-work-wear, especially because she's gotten so many pairs for so little.

"Jeans are so expensive sometimes," Bratton said. "I have this $20 pair of jeans I got at Target that I love. And Ann Taylor Loft, of course -- I got a $4 pair of jeans on final sale."