What are you wearing?

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Columbus Alive

What do tan-and-turquoise pants, antique jewelry and a white button-up have in common? That's right. Not much.

Shezronne Zaccardi's style is so all over the board, describing it had her stumped. About five minutes after she'd been asked, Zaccardi settled on a three-part description: "vintage urban chic."

As a dance-studio owner and a legislative analyst for Columbus City Council by day, it's no wonder Zaccardi can't pin a label on her look.

Friends and co-workers compare her everyday look to a grandma, but not because she's frumpy. It's more a reference to her attraction to vintage and throwback-looking clothes, as well as embroidery, Zaccardi said.

And then there's the flashy, dressy outfits and costume-y jewelry she throws on for an evening of salsa and tango at Studio Baila or out on the town.

Above all are color and quality, the two details most important to Zaccardi.

"I have the things that are all the way entertainment, nightlife-type stuff, and all the way conservative business," she said. "But then most of the stuff I get is in between, or I at least mix and match them."

Zara and H&M are her two favorite stores, but with time and money constraints, she doesn't go shopping too often. She does like to pick up unique pieces while out of town for dance-related events, though.

Those are things she hangs onto for a while -- like the four-year-old jacket she wore for her Alive interview -- so she tends to make infrequent, pricey purchases that last for years.

Her favorite item of all fits that description exactly: a pair of slingback heels covered in a newsprint pattern she got in Poland a couple years ago.

"They're so funky," she said. "When those go, I'm gonna cry."

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: Banana Republic

Dress: Bebe. "It's a strapless dress, actually. And then I just tie the shirt."

Scarf: Zara in Philadelphia. "I always wear a scarf when it's cold in the morning."

Boots: Hand-me-downs from a co-worker

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