Chips are treats

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Columbus Alive

Halloween time is party time. That's why I'm willing to bet you've got some splendid-sounding spooky tomfoolery up your sleeve and you're impatiently waiting to unleash it at some seasonal soirees this ghoul-filled weekend.

Relatedly, I'm also willing to wager you've spent a good bit of time thinking up and fashioning yourself a suitable costume to party-hop/host in (me, I'm just lowering my jeans and going as Joe the Plumber).

But how much of your time and thought have gone into scaring up a suitable Halloween party snack? And by suitable, I mean something thematically appropriate but thoroughly fuss-free?

Well, I've got all that and a bag of chips. Seriously. Check out the excellent Terra brand Exotic Harvest chips with Sea Salt. Yeah, that's a mouthful to say, but these beauties also provide a delicious mouthful of interesting flavors. And an amazing eyeful.

Rip open and spill out a bag of Terra Exotic Harvests and you'll gaze at some wildly, vibrantly colored chips. Yet they're all-natural. What you get is a mix of three veggie crunchers basically made from just sea salt and fried purple potatoes (though the bag calls them blue), carrots and kabocha squash.

FYI, kabochas are like short, green Japanese pumpkins. In Terra chip form, they're squashy yellow-orange with a dark green rim and, therefore, quite striking to look at. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their flavor is also pumpkin-like and has a nice bite of sweetness to it.

When combined with the equally sweet and mildly starchy, irregularly cut carrot strips and the deep purple potato chips (which get their color from the same kind of antioxidants in blueberries), you've got yourself a sweet, salty and crunchy snack that is absolutely perfect for any boos-y Halloween party. And actually on the healthy side, too -- because not everything needs to be scary this weekend, don't you think?

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