What are you wearing?

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Columbus Alive

Clearly, Heather Hope likes fashion.

Can you tell from her photo that she likes it as much as she likes being organized?

Hope wears a different color each week, according to the season and upcoming holidays, and keeps track of each day's outfit on a calendar. She's been doing this since seventh grade, and now the Ohio State senior gets noticed all the time on Campus.

"I have so many accessories and everything, I might as well just wear that same color, that way I just wear the same jewelry every day, wear the same makeup and just pull from there," said Hope, who hails from Atlanta. "I got my nail color to match."

Of course, with such a closet full of clothing (a dorm closet, mind you), cost is a consideration. She's always been a bargain shopper, and up for patching jeans or just adding details like rhinestones to make something her own.

Not only has Hope managed to keep up with her color-week calendar for eight-plus years, it's to the point where everyone else knows what color week it is, too.

"When I left Campus, people said, 'Oh, I thought it was yellow week, what are you doing with red on?'" said Hope, who changed to red, which she preferred, for the afternoon she met with Alive.

Don't worry, though -- she planned to remove the nail color before getting out of her car back on Campus.

The outfit

Shirt: from TJ Maxx

Skinny jeans: Forever 21. "They had assorted colors, I believe: yellow, gray ... I need lime-green skinny jeans. That's my favorite color."

Boots: from Rainbow in Atlanta

Belt: Nordstrom

Watch: a gift

Bangles: Forever 21

Rose ring: Forever 21

Gemstone ring: Claire's

Necklace: from Von Maur

Hat: from a boutique in Las Vegas. "I try to go to New York each summer, and Las Vegas, different shops. See a lot of things for cheaper, see a lot of different styles."

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