Will it float?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Can three rights make a wrong? Or would that be vice versa? These were some of the burning questions posed during a recent meeting of the minds, i.e. a happy-hour blowout at Barley's Smokehouse.

More specifically, our bulging brain trust was meditatively - Socratically! - discussing the following proposition: if you can winningly put cream in coffee and you can successfully put coffee in beer, then can you plausibly put ice cream in beer with coffee? Well, with an ale-stained sweater filling in for a long white coat, I took those raw ingredients back to my kitchen lab to perform the following scientific exploration.

Barley's Smokehouse Pint O' Joe

A mouth-filling stout with some chocolate notes made with Hawaiian Kona coffee beans specially roasted by Stauf's. The wonderful result is a roasty, toasty brew enhanced but not overwhelmed by coffee.

Graeter's Vanilla

The familiar, unfussy, creamily premium Ohio-made dessert seemed like a natural fit for this tasty experiment.

Beer + Ice Cream = Bloat

Behold the Bloat! The crazy combination actually works! The eureka treat is like a root-beer float that replaces the "root" with the real. It balances fizzy with creamy, chocolate with vanilla and bitter with sweet. It's a true revolution and an after-dinner coffee, cocktail and dessert all in one fantastically frothy glass.