What are you wearing?

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Columbus Alive

If the proportion of work clothes to weekend clothes in your closet is a direct reflection of how you spend your time, Victoria Nunes isn't happy.

"I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, I have too many work clothes!' I'm working too much, I need to shop and get myself clothes to go out," said Nunes, who works in community development with Fifth Third Bank.

When Nunes does go out, she spices things up with completely different choices from her closet.

"People sometimes don't recognize me on the weekend," she said. "I'm pretty trendy and stylish, and I like to wear hats, and I love my jewelry and like boots that come up to my knees."

Nunes struggled at first to find her voice in the wardrobe department as she adjusted to the working world.

"I looked real reserved with my suits, and then I learned, 'Oh, maybe I can put a little bit of me in this,'" she explained.

Her favorite way is with unexpectedly colorful shoes and unusual, eye-catching jewelry, especially pieces from Brazil and Venezuela.

In Columbus, she shops for work at Macy's, New York & Company and Express, while she finds fun, casual or dressy weekend options at TJ Maxx.

Nunes' fashion finds are influenced by her travels. She came here for college five years ago after growing up near New York, living in South America for a time and catching up with her mom and sisters, who live in Spain.

A weeklong trip to Los Angeles last year also left an impression on her.

"It's definitely an experience to go shopping there," Nunes said. "It's like a different country."


Necklace, earrings: from Venezuela. "I'm Venezuelan and Portuguese, and I try to bring that with me wherever I go."

Suit: from Macy's

Shirt: from Macy's

Shoes: from Macy's. "Believe it or not, I can run in these heels. It's a typical Latina thing to be running late ... I am usually on time."

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