What are you wearing?

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Columbus Alive

The styles of Columbus' different sides of town are reflected in their thrift stores. T.J. Stewart shops those stores enough to treat each neighborhood as its own brand.

"Depending on what you like to wear will determine what side of town you should go to," said Stewart, who said he could see himself in a career as a personal shopper.

"East Side stores, they have a lot of urban, urban-prep, preppy sort of things," Stewart explained. "On the West Side, they have a lot of your bohemian-chic, a lot of florals, free-flowing sorts of clothes, as opposed to the South Side having ... lots of hip-hop kinds of things."

Stewart goes for a mix of all three, depending on his mood.

"I don't like to dress up, but I like to be dressed up," said Stewart, who grew up in Columbus and graduated from Ohio State, where he now works at the multicultural center.

That might mean pants and a vest one day, and jeans and the jacket from the suit set the next - but never a head-to-toe suit.

Especially because he'll wear jeans - dressed up, of course - to almost any occasion.

"I would like to wear jeans to weddings, but usually the people that are bringing me are like, 'Don't wear jeans,' because they know I hate wearing slacks," Stewart said.

Track jackets, sunglasses and bright pops of color are favorites, but his love for scarves might just be considered an obsession.

"I have about 15 different ways to tie a scarf ... from tying it to a straight knot, tying it like a shoe knot, tying it like a tie, tying it so that it hangs over Victorian-style, tying it like an ascot and pinning it across," Stewart said. "I'm all about scarves."


Jacket: Old Navy

Shirt: from Men's Wearhouse

Tie: from Central Ohio Thrift

Jeans: from A.J. Wright

Shoes: from Remo at Eastland Mall. "They have all the colors. They have everything."

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