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David Beckham's tired of the cameras.

No, not the British soccer star. This Beckham is a Columbus man who shares that Beckham's name - and paparazzi problems.

"I will go out tonight and say, 'No pictures.' I will do that intentionally," Beckham said last week.

That's because it bothers him enough if he wears the same outfits too close together, and it's even worse if everyone else notices, too.

"Facebook kind of kills my wardrobe, because I'm always on Facebook somehow, and somebody sees what I wear," said Beckham, who does promotions for Mynt nightclub.

Good thing his taste in clothing is relatively cheap. He's a T-shirt fanatic, specifically the ones with crazy phrases or throwback images of things like Power Rangers or Marvel Comics characters - whatever makes someone look and laugh.

"I like attention," Beckham said.

Wal-Mart, Target and Hot Topic are some of the best places to pick up cheap, standout T-shirts, Beckham said. He supplements his store-bought collection - which fills three drawers of his dresser - with shirts of his own design, printed through UberPrints.com.

"Usually something absurd about how confident you are," Beckham said of his T-shirt's phrases. "I have one that says in big letters, 'The definition of fresh: me.' On the back it says, 'The definition of lame: you.'"

He wears tees year-round, layering them over black or white long-sleeve thermal shirts. And no matter the season, he coordinates them with sneakers - but nothing too colorful.

"I don't want to over-match my shoes and my shirt because it makes it way too much, I think," Beckham said.


Shirt: Forever 21. "It has handprints on the back, like you're hugging yourself."

Jacket: Vans from Marshalls. "I'm a big Vans-head."

Jeans: Ralph Lauren from Macy's. "They were, like, 75 percent off. If they weren't, I probably wouldn't have bought them. I love them, but I wouldn't have bought them."

Shoes: Nike Dunks, a gift for his birthday last week

Scarf: borrowed from a friend

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