What are you wearing?

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Columbus Alive

Lourdes Barroso de Padilla

Job: Executive director, City Year

Neighborhood: Merion Village

Hometown: Columbus

Label your style: "Eclectic."

Where do you shop? Everywhere. I like to mix things that are expensive with maybe things that are more affordable.

What's your favorite store? Rag-O-Rama

What's challenging about thrift-store shopping? Vintage clothes come in very specific sizes, so sometimes you have to alter a jacket or let it out a little bit, so you definitely have to be committed.

Do you do that yourself? [Laughs] No, my mom is a seamstress. Growing up, she actually used to make a lot of dresses and other things.

Do you wear an outfit like this to work? Being the executive director of a nonprofit, I can usually get away with a little bit more. If I need to tone things down ... I might wear an all-black suit with these shoes. And I try to keep my hair a little bit more modern ... so I don't feel as confined.

Who does your hair? Debbie at Studio Fovero

Any suggestions for curvy ladies out there? Old Navy is the best place for me for jeans.

What's your favorite city for out-of-town shopping? I lived in New York for a short period, and I loved New York. I think people just think of the big labels, but you walk into a thrift store in New York and find incredible pieces.


Shoes: Nicole Miller from DSW. "They're my power shoes. I've had them for a little while. Shoes always fit, so you always have to make sure that you take care of them."

Dress: Rag-O-Rama

Shirt: Express

Tights: Target

Necklace: from Mom. "My mom had a whole bunch of really cool jewelry from when she first came from Cuba. It was just sitting in a drawer collecting dust, so I swooped it up."