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When Jen Lewis' seven-month-old son is in her shop, his eyes go wild. Once he's old enough to toddle around, his hands will too.

Sparkly jewelry. Glowing branches laced with mini light bulbs. Bright bags. And then there's the baby room.

Fritzy Jacobs, the Worthington store Lewis co-owns with best friend Trisha Steele, bombards even adults' senses with bright colors and funky textures that fill every nook and cranny.

The four-room space, built as a post office in the early 1800s, is set up according to the store's main merchandise categories: home decor, babies' gifts and ladies' gifts.

Lewis describes the store's style as eclectic and funky. "We've got a few lines that we have such loyal customers for, and they're hard to find."

The front room holds home accessories like lamps with pretty shades or fun bases of mixed materials; photo frames; and light, bright-patterned tablecloths. There's also jewelry that includes some of Lewis' favorite items in the store: drawings, designs and phrases "framed" as little pendants on necklaces.

Everything's displayed on round kitchen tables and tall cabinet shelves, an approach that's employed throughout the store.

The shop opened seven years ago as a new and antique furniture store, and although that effort didn't last long, there are still some fixtures like tables and benches for sale, scattered around the store.

The baby gifts room is painted pink and packed with all things adorable. Pictures pieced from magazine cutouts by a local artist hang along the wall. Colorful jackets, jumpers and flower-print leggings line one wall, and in the back of the room, googly-eyed pull toys share space with illustrated story books and growth charts.

Rugs are another of Fritzy Jacobs' specialties, and racks and baskets of carpet squares in the back room are available to flip through or take home. Most have bright, bold shapes with geometric, floral or whimsical patterns.

Gifts fill the rest of the room, where cute is key: polka-dot makeup bags, monogrammed drink coozies, handmade photo frames and oversized tote bags made from thick knit fabric by a carpet company.

Fritzy Jacobs

635 N. High St., Worthington