What are you wearing?

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Columbus Alive

Marie Hutton

Job: sophomore at CCAD and Max & Erma's hostess

Neighborhood: Merion Village

Hometown: Central Pennsylvania

Label your style: "Old-fashioned preppy."


Scarf: from a store in Tuscon, Arizona

Jacket: Forever 21. "It's probably my favorite item in my closet. I've always wanted a navy blue jacket, and I finally found one."

Earrings: from a thrift store in Columbus. "I'm definitely big on earrings. I like wearing colorful earrings with stuff that doesn't necessarily match."

Tank top: Aeropostale

Jeans: Chip & Pepper

Boots: EMU

Watch: a gift

Where would you wear something like this? School, the grocery store - just every day.

Do you have a different dress code as a fashion major? At CCAD, if you walk around in sweatpants and a hoodie, people look at you like, "What the heck?" [Beyond that], you can definitely pick out fashion majors ... you're kind of expected to look nicer.

So when did you pick up this style? Coming here, it's like, "OK, there's more than American Eagle and Hollister." Being from a small town, everyone wears that.

What's your favorite store now? Forever 21, because they have such a big selection, and it's always different.

Are there colors or patterns you gravitate toward? I have a lot of blue. I have a lot of pink, surprisingly - I don't wear a lot of pink.

What would you like to design as a career? I really want to do wedding gowns.

Where do you get your hair cut? My cousin [in Phoenix] goes to Paul Mitchell, and she cuts it. I saw her a week ago, and it's the shortest it's been in a long time, but I needed to go short.

What perfume do you wear? Diesel Fuel for Life is my favorite.

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