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Tylenol might seem like a cure-all. But when headache or back pain sets in, Kimberly A. Jones wishes you would walk into her Downtown studio for a massage.

Daily stresses can cause physical pain, something she can solve in a few minutes with her hands, said Jones, the owner of Take Ten Body Therapy.

Massages don't have to be long, lavish indulgences, she said. In fact, they can be especially effective in quick, concentrated sittings. As part of their effort to change perceptions of massage, Jones explained that she and her staff are also working to change perceptions about stress.

"I marketed this as a stress-management business, but I realized people didn't correlate the pain they were feeling in their shoulders and neck with stress," she said. "We help with migraines and TMJ, lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome."

It's all about increasing the body's circulation, and that can happen in as little as a few minutes over a lunch break. "They can get their quick fix, get back to work, and be more energized, revitalized," Jones said.

The business started as a booth at the outdoor Pearl Alley Market. Jones promoted her 10-minute massage for three years there and found herself with more business than she could handle.

With that as a springboard, she opened Take Ten just blocks away, on High Street, in September. The location has attracted Downtown office workers and residents, area athletes and hotel guests. Take Ten staffers also make on-site trips to businesses.

The narrow, deep studio space contains three side-by-side massage tables separated by thin curtains. Two rooms in the back offer an out-of-the-way escape - complete with low lighting and bubbling water fountains - for longer massage sessions.

The sessions themselves are also worry-free: remove a jacket but leave on all other clothing, lie down face-first and relax while a licensed massage therapist works out the knots of stress in your shoulders, arms or back.

"It's not that we don't like people," Jones said, laughing. "But we like it when they get off the table, and they feel like they've been there an hour ... and feel so much better."

Take Ten Body Therapy

116 N. High St., Downtown