What are you wearing?

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Columbus Alive

Sarah Baumert

Job: Cook at The Refectory

Neighborhood: Upper Arlington

Hometown: Upper Arlington

Label your style: As long as it's glittery, anything goes

What do you like to wear?

Every day at [The Refectory], I wear a white, stark uniform; I wear guys' shoes. So on weekends and days off, I try to look pretty girly. One thing I love is glitter. I've worn it since I was a child. I've been trying to tone it down ... it's been bad.

Does that apply to makeup as well?

Yes, absolutely. I can't tell you the number of times women have asked me, "Ohmigosh, you have to teach me how to do your makeup!" I usually have little things of glitter, and I'll just be like, "Here, you can have this."

What do you use?

It's actually Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. You just put it on top of your eye shadow and it sticks. It's hilarious to say that, but you know what? It works.

What influences your style?

I was in Paris for the last year and a half for culinary school, and I really learned to have as few pieces as possible and then just accessorize. French women, they have a few very, very nice pieces ... but then they do a lot with different jewelry, different makeup, different scarves. And it's mostly black.

Where do you like to shop?

In Columbus, I like Filene's Basement or TJ Maxx. But I haven't gotten much [recently] because I've been out of the country and traveling.

What's your favorite place to shop when you're out of town?

I like Arizona. That's where my parents have their house - Phoenix/Scottsdale area - and I think they have phenomenal shopping out there.

The outfit:

Tank top: purchased in London, while she was studying abroad

Jacket: Laundry

Jeans: from Filene's Basement

Boots: Saks

Earrings: from Filene's Basement. "I don't have a lot on today, but if I'm going out, I wear lots of costume jewelry. It gets very, very, very glittery."

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