Shop Talk at The Morgan House

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Kendra Heinlen, 61

Owner, The Morgan House

5300 Glick Rd., Dublin


Can you tell people about what you offer here?

Gifts. Food -- gourmet food, I guess you would call it. Furniture. Lamps. Accessories. Boutique (items) including purses, shoes, dresses, jackets, scarves. We also have Pandora, which we're very proud of. Brighton. Vera Bradley.

And this place is actually as big as it sounds after that description. How many square feet is it?

The total building is 18,000-square feet.

There's a restaurant attached, too. What do you offer there?

We pretty much just serve lunch. But in saying that, we also do corporate dinners, weddings, rehearsals.

What type of food do you make?

Soups, sandwiches and salads. Quiche. Men are definitely invited! Everybody thinks it's a girly thing (but) it's very hearty food!

Back to the store: Would you describe the style of clothing you offer in the boutique section?

I would say they're more contemporary. Always looking for the latest updated purse, dress, sweaters, jewelry. Always looking for the new colors of the season.

And your furniture and home accessories-what are they like?

Traditional, a little contemporary, a little European all different kinds of styles. And that's what we like to do, is a mix. We think that's the best look.

What do you offer in terms of decorating consulting?

We've taken houses from the beginning-picking tiles, light switches, virtually everything that goes into a brand new home. We have thousands of fabrics we can pick from for you-furniture, draperies. We can do it all!

You also have Ohio State items, along with loads of children's gifts. What does best for you?

That's a hard question! We're kind of well known for our little pick-up items. When people just want to feel good for the day, they come pick up a little something and do not have to break the bank.

You actually were a hairdresser before opening here. What prompted the switch?

I took a break and had four children. ... I loved decorating my home. I just felt I had a feel for picking what people like. Started small and just kept growing.

You obviously love it, as you opened the store more than 20 years ago and keep growing it, yes?

Now we're starting to see the babies of the kids, and it's like, "Oh my gosh -- I've been here way too long!". ...I really love it all, or I could not still be in the business.