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With the return of decades-old trends, thrift stores should be go-to destinations for the fashion-wary.

Not ready to commit to a maxi dress? Wondering how a wide belt will work with your wardrobe? Give it a try with a thrift-store find, where you're likely to find an authentic '80s piece instead of a new (and newly priced) knockoff.

That's why the fashion-forward - and the wallet-conscious - flock to Ohio Thrift stores for their end-of-the-month sales.

During Half-off Wednesdays, on the last Wednesday of the month, Ohio Thrift's merchandise is sold at half the original price. With prices for most clothing items averaging under $5, a whole new outfit could be yours for 10 bucks on half-off day.

Of course, it won't all be new. Like any thrift store, the old and quirky predominates. But clothes at Ohio Thrift generally are devoid of stains or rips.

The seriously thrifty line up outside even before the doors open on Half-off Wednesdays. But with aisle after packed aisle of merchandise, the deals are sure to last all day.

The racks of men's, women's and children's clothes are divided by style - "better men's shirts," "skirts" - and arranged by color, but not by size. That means sorting through all the choices - or finding something that catches your eye and pushing back the adjacent hangers to see if it might be your size.

Housewears, electronics, books, purses, shoes, jewelry and kids' toys are also available.

In addition to plenty of new items scattered throughout, there are occasional freestanding racks filled with overstock merchandise directly from stores. Store names might be marked out, but the items - like women's tank tops and men's polos seen at an East Side location recently - are new and available in a variety of sizes.

What we found

Express tank top (new), $4

Old Navy jean jacket, $3

Bakers sandals, $9

Sunglasses, $1

Ohio Thrift


1580 Alum Creek Dr., East Side


3080 Southwest Blvd., Grove City


3551 Cleveland Ave., North Side


5738 Columbus Square, North Side


67 Great Southern Blvd., South Side


3900 Sullivant Ave., West Side


647 Harrisburg Pike, West Side


4618 E. Broad St., Whitehall