Talking Hollywood Style with Wardrobe Therapy

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Once a month, we chat with Elizabeth Bean and Meredith Piccin, owners of style-consulting firm Wardrobe Therapy.

So just for kicks this month, girls, let's talk Hollywood.

Whose look are you loving?

Elizabeth: Rachel Bilson. So fresh. Always mixing the new with the old. She knows her style intimately and isn't afraid to be different. She has become a major trendsetter.

Meredith: Anne Hathaway. She's embraced her style so much more since The Devil Wears Prada movie came out. She's been dead on at red-carpet events, where she exudes charm and style.

Whose look are you hating?

Elizabeth: Paula Abdul. Need I say more?

Meredith: Brittney Spears. She's always heading to the nightclub.

Whose look do you think real women could pull off?

Elizabeth: Jennifer Aniston. People like to relate to her because they feel like she's the girl next door. She is so classy in her style, with a twist. She likes to use the basics -- black pant, white oxford, classic pearl necklace -- then adds in her own element. She is fantastically simple, and yet so complicated.

Meredith: Reese Witherspoon, because she's classic but current. I love when she throws on a pair of jeans or black pants with a ballet flat, t-shirt and aviators and looks so effortless.

Whose looks should women not try to emulate?

Elizabeth: Victoria Beckham. That is, when she is avant-garde for the day-only because it can be misinterpreted so badly! Victoria Beckham is a true design mind. She can pull her look off with her confidence (body too.)

Meredith: The Olson Twins. They have great style. But only they can pull off their look.

Who are the major trendsetters right now?

Both (we'll keep this simple!): If you ask a teen: Miley Cyrus. Very boho. Ask a 20-something: Blake Lively from Gossip Girl. She's like the new Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City. Very urban chic. Ask a 30-something: Rachel Bilson. Her mix of fashion knowledge, combined with the accessibility to some fabulous fashion goodies, is fabulous. Ask a 40-something: Jennifer Aniston. She continues to mix it up, and that makes women still envy her style. Ask a 50- or 60-something: Goldie Hawn. She's so in touch with her age and knows the fashion direction that she embraces. So true to her roots. Ask the majority of women: Michelle Obama. The fascination continues with her mix of J. Crew and high-end designer.