Kitchen Ink: Dining briefs

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Columbus Alive

Contemporary moviegoing audiences take it for granted that films will lean heavily on popular music for narrative thrust and emphasis. But it wasn't always that way, and some flicks have certainly intertwined radio hits with cinematic visuals much better than others.

Starting Thursday with its Soundtrack Available program (see story on page 32), the Wexner Center will highlight movies that display a pioneering and/or acute usage of popular tunes. Their mixture of sight and song is frequently powerful. If you're like me, you're eagerly awaiting this program, but you're also thinking ... hey, what about snacks?

Enter the pioneering and acute Surly Girl Saloon. In a brilliant tie-in that satisfies the mouth along with the eyes and ears, Surly Girl is featuring a weekly special cupcake and cocktail related to one of the Wexner's Soundtrack Available films.

For instance, for this week's program launch of Martin Scorsese's young Italian-American wise-guy wannabe masterpiece called Mean Streets, the Saloon is offering a drink called "Psycho Mary" (she's a tragic character in the movie) and a cupcake decorated like spaghetti and meatballs.

Here are some other cleverly chosen sips and nibbles:

• The Purple Rain (vodka, blue Curacao, 7 Up and grenadine) and framboise cupcakes for Purple Rain (July 9)

• SuckerPunch (get it?) and Heaven and Hell cupcakes for Rushmore (July 30)

• The Anne Bancroft-inspired Cougar Water highball and wedding cupcakes for The Graduate (Aug. 6)

• Chocolate Martini and mocha cupcakes for Jackie Brown (Aug. 13)

North Market Food & Ohio Wine Festival

The ever-dynamic North Market will be getting its Ohio grapevine on big time during the upcoming North Market Food & Ohio Wine festival. Starting July 10 and continuing that whole weekend, the Market will have booths set up so people who like to sip locally can try some fine Buckeye state wines.

The party gets started with a special preview bash running from 7 to 10 Friday night. That evening, there will be celebrity pourers, tunes by the Inner City Blues Band and food from the Market's terrific vendors.

Admission to the kickoff is $20 and includes 10 wine tasting tickets, a $5 North Market gift certificate and a special commemorative wine glass.

More Wine & Food

It'll take a bit of planning ahead, a very short walk and then a cab ride home later, but smarter partiers can enjoy a great two-fer the night of July 10. So before heading to the Market, I suggest you stop off at another place that knows how to throw a heck of a soiree - Morton's The Steakhouse.

Friday from 6 to 7:30 p.m., attendees can whoop it up at Morton's with five delicious Argentinean Malbec wines poured with the place's top-notch snacks (like broiled scallops with apricot chutney, tenderloin crostini with chimichurri sauce, and little hot chocolate cakes). The super-fair tab is $45, all-inclusive and out the door.