What are you wearing? Craig Wheeler

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: bartender at Club Diversity

Neighborhood: Short North

Hometown: Arcadia, California

Label your style: "Localist vagabond dandyism"

What do you like to wear?

I have a big collection of T-shirts - like, hundreds and hundreds. Usually with a lot of off-color sayings, because I can get away with them. When you're a bartender, you're stuck on stage for hours on end. And especially drunks, they sit there and stare at you and pick you apart. So I give them things to look at.

So do you look very different day-to-day?

This is my thing: I always have a comb [in my back pocket] that ties together the colors in the outfit. It's my trademark thing; everybody's always checking to make sure my comb matches.

Where do you like to shop?

I shop along High Street, between Urban Outfitters on Campus and the southern end of the Short North. I'm totally into promoting. I want the place I live to be a better place.

Do you have style pet peeves?

I totally believe that males should be brightly colored, and I hate the fact that when I go to buy T-shirts, lots of times, the women's version of it is in bright green or pink, and the guy's version is in black or blue. I don't want that. I want attention. I love florals.

The outfit:

Shoes: Vans, from Urban Outfitters

Socks: American Apparel

Shirt: Gosh Designs, by an artist known as Bam Bam

Shorts: Bugle Boy, from Family Dollar

Belt: from Collier West

Buckle: from What the Rock?! by Mary Martineau

Pins: What the Rock?!

Hat: from The Joint

Watch: from a watch repair stand

Necklace: Sweet Stella Designs

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