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With J. Bentley's dry hydrotherapy bed, there's no excuse for not visiting the spa.

Not enough time? Only takes 10 minutes.

Don't want to have to get dressed and made up again after? You stay dry and clothed.

Too much money? It's $20 or less.

So what's a dry hydrotherapy bed?

The best way to explain it is it's like getting a hug from a heated water bed.

A layer of plastic separates you from and suspends you in warm water and massaging jets for 10 or 20 minutes, making it almost impossible not to fall asleep.

And even if you don't, the rest and relaxation is equal to four hours of sleep for your muscles.

J. Bentley, which opened two years ago in a growing shopping area of Powell, offers beauty services that run the gamut and amenities that impress. Hydrotherapy spa services are one of their specialties.

While the dry hydrotherapy bed doesn't replace a massage, it's an inexpensive add-on that can round out a trip to the spa. And when it's done just before another spa service or a mani-pedi, customers report that they're pre-relaxed, making the rest of their visit even better.

"If you just need to get those muscles relaxed, get away from that tension, if you're coming in for a haircut ... it helps you zone out for 10 or 20 minutes," said Kendra Cook, J. Bentley's COO.

For an even more intensely relaxing experience, J. Bentley's vichy shower combines a water massage with a steam shower. In a large, tiled room, this deluxe treatment incorporates a seven-headed shower wand reaching over a heated table and includes a massage or facial.

The studio also includes salon, makeup and event spaces, and a doctor is available Thursdays for Botox and other skin-treatment appointments.

The salon experience is taken to a whole other level at J. Bentley. At each of the 18 stylists' seats, a tower holds a computer that a client is free to use. When his or her cut is complete, the client takes a seat in a mock studio to document the final look for later reference, Cook said.

The salon area - bright, open and energized - stands in sharp contrast to the quiet, winding hallways that weave through the private spa service rooms.

Separate lounges offer men a place to put up their feet and watch TV, and women the chance to relax and flip through magazines.

"Once you enter the spa, you're in a totally different element - it's quiet, serene, peaceful," Cook said. "Granite countertops, granite sinks - it's as plush as we could possibly make it."

J. Bentley Studio & Spa

8882 Moreland St., Powell



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