What are you wearing? Steve Leib

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: IT at Ohio State; blogger at thegrip.wordpress.com

Neighborhood: North Campus

Hometown: North Campus

Label yourself: "Casual, but polished"

What are you into?

I like to dress nice, but still kind of casual. Like, I like to wear jeans all the time, but I like to have nice jeans - my favorites are A.P.C., Joe's Jeans, Paper Denim. I don't like anything loud, normally. I like a lot of classic looks and a lot of blues, blacks, grays.

So is this a pretty typical outfit for you?

Yeah. For work, I can dress pretty casual. I like to go out after work, so something that can seamlessly take me from work to going out, I like a lot.

Where do you shop most?

Milk Bar. Their shirts, they'll buy four, and it's kind of nice because I like to have stuff that you don't see anybody else wearing. And I like Rag-O-Rama a lot, just to pick up good stuff for not a lot of money.

What influences your style?

I think a lot of it comes from going out and seeing stuff. I could look in magazines and online, but I can't really make a decision if I like it until I see it on someone.

What places do you hang out?

All over the Short North - Bodega, Park Street Tavern, Press Grill, Surly Girl, Betty's.

What do you refuse to wear?

I kinda hate super-loud or all-over prints. Like streetwear stuff. I have a lot of respect for other styles, but it's just not for me.

The outfit:

Shirt: Hyden Yoo from Milk Bar

Tee: Homage

Jeans: A.P.C. from Milk Bar

Shoes: Vans

Sunglasses: From a drug store

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