Meet & Greet: Victoria Nunes

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

She's smart, spiritual and, at just 25, one of Central Ohio's best-known champions of the Latino community. Victoria Nunes was born in Venezuela and raised in a Philadelphia suburb before returning to South America for three years in high school to perfect her Spanish. She arrived in Columbus to attend Ohio State University, but overwhelmed by its size, transferred to Franklin University. Now, as a community affairs marketing specialist for Fifth Third Bank, Nunes serves on several boards, helping groups like the Hispanic Chamber of Columbus and the Center for Latin Hope.

Life Style

  • I am inspired by: Natural beauty
  • I absolutely dread: Mornings
  • My greatest passion is: To give back
  • My biggest annoyance is: Spelling mistakes
  • Three things that I hope people say I am: Strong, humble and giving
  • My ideal day: Has to be on the beach-with a drink in my hand, and the love of my life next to me.
  • When I want to truly treat myself, I: Get my hair done.
  • My most meaningful accessory is: This bracelet that my mother gave me, and this one my aunt gave me. Ones with sentimental value, to have those people close to me.
  • The one item in my closet I can't toss: This is hilarious. It's an old sweatshirt I've had since middle school, when I first started cheerleading. It's not even white anymore, it's off-white. It reminds me of a very special time in my life.
  • You're given $1,000 and an hour to spend it. Where do you go? That would be a splurge and I would feel so guilty! But it's not my money ... so I would say Tiffany.


  • Book: Purpose Driven Life
  • Singer: Enrique Iglesias-because I've always had a crush on him!
  • TV show: The Amazing Race
  • Restaurant: My uncle owns El Arepazo Latin Grill Downtown
  • Vacation spot: Morrocoy, Venezuela
  • Childhood memory: Playing with my sister's hair
  • Saying: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The world would be a better place if we all lived by that saying.
Kristy Eckert is editor of Capital Style.