Q&A with Wardrobe Therapy

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Q: Yes, it's blazing hot outside, but fall is actually on the horizon (we hope). So let's talk fall fashion. What are the big colors this season?

A: Color palettes for fall are very versatile. We are going to see a lot of neutral shades that absolutely bring in color, but that also can be worn season after season. Remember, the trick in finding a great color is realizing the color or hue that works with your skin and not one that is hot for the season. For the most part, we are going to see warm colors. However, the 80s color palette is back for the daring (and possibly the ones who didn't do it once before). Neons (bright pinks, yellow and oranges) are being found on anything from silk blouses to dresses. Again, this may be one trend many of us should stay away from.

Q: And what about overall looks. What are you seeing?

A: Strong shoulders. Ruffles-the whole 40s draping. Glam chic. Motorcycle jackets. Skinny pants. Over-the-knee boots. Mini Skirts. Legs! Ankle booties. Plaids. This season, we are seeing a lot of fabrications and styles we have seen in the past, with a twist. Designers went just-risky-enough for consumers. Remember, when they designed fall 2009 lines, our economy was in the absolute dumps. The trend that designers focused on is to invent pieces that will live in the wardrobe for some time.

Q: And layering is always in for fall...

A: In fall, we always become a little more obsessed with layering! I love the look of a silk draped blouse with a cashmere cardigan layered over it. Button the middle button on the cardigan. Add a skinny belt with a satin skirt. Pair with ankle booties and add the classic wool oversize coat (belted, of course!) I just can't wait for fall!

Q: Speaking of belts, accessories-wise, we're still seeing lots of cinched waists, yes?

A: Yes, belts are still wildly popular. Corset belts. Skinny belts. Double-layered belts. Rugged belts. Belts with jewels. Accessories are the easiest way to update the wardrobe-add another layer (such as a cardigan) to the silk blouse from last year and then pair it with a skinny belt at your natural waist, and you will feel instantly polished. The one thing to remember here is that the belt is made to enhance the figure. So choose widths of belts wisely.

Q: Talk more about accessories. What types of shoes should women be looking for?

A: Fabulous ones. Ankle booties. Over-the-knee boots (you just need confidence to do it!). And platform pumps. Ankle booties are fabulous with anything from skirts to skinny denim. This should be a definite investment piece for women who like their ankles. Over-the-knee boots are slowly going to be everywhere. This doesn't necessarily mean heels, either. They can be flat boots worn with knit dresses or leggings. Platform pumps-playful yet sexy. Who doesn't like a little lift now and then?

Q: Finally, what are some ideas on how women can transition their summer wardrobes into fall, bridging the gap between the seasons?

A: By layering! Update a classic floral dress by layering a lightweight cashmere cardigan over the dress. Belt if needed. Or pair a summer silk blouse with a great jacket and dark denim with an ankle bootie. The key here is to really evaluate the color and weight of an item. Put ones away that feel too "spring." Classic colors such as browns, blacks and neutrals all transition into fall nicely. Learn tricks from others and try new styling techniques yourself.

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