Kitchen Ink: Restaurant Week recap

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Now that the most recent Dine Originals Columbus Restaurant Week has come and gone, I wonder what, if anything, will be its lasting impact on the local dining scene. I haven't eyeballed any hard numbers yet, but I certainly did hear a lot of scuttlebutt over the event while it was happening, with momentum seemingly building as the week progressed.

Speaking personally, I reacquainted myself with a couple of places I hadn't visited in a while (so many restaurants, so little ...) - the innovative Italianate food at Z Cucina, and Katzinger's Deli, with its high standards of ingredients and preparation.

And as I was leaving a great lunch at DeepWood I saw on the place's door an announcement for a tremendous-looking six-course tasting menu with beverage pairings for the sweet price of $65 (all inclusive) called The Pig Who Went to Market. That hog-out uses various parts of the porker to make some tempting-looking dishes. Will I be there? Oink, oink! Click to for details.