What are you wearing? Amy Drake

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Freelance writer

Neighborhood: German Village

Hometown: East Side

Label your style: "Vintage classic"

Do you have a lot of hats?

I have a huge collection. This one I really like because it's very evocative of Audrey Hepburn, early '60s. I have some vintage hats with wide brims that belonged to my mother. And I have a couple of really wild hats - I have a pink hat with big feathers on it that goes with a suit.

A suit?

Yes, I found a pink silk suit that it fits with. I like to coordinate the fabrics, the materials, the textures - I try to put the whole package together.

Where do you like to shop?

I love going to consignment shops to look for a great deal. I like to shop at Rag-O-Rama, Macy's, and I love going to the boutiques in Paris and the vintage clothing shops in Chelsea.

What inspires your selection?

I'm very theatrical - I've done some independent films and I'm going to be appearing in Pygmalion with Ohio Dominican this fall. And I need cocktail dresses and ball gowns because I compete in beauty pageants for grown-ups - it's the Beauties of America pageant. I'm the reining Ms. Buckeye State this year.

What's your favorite vintage period?

The '40s. I'm just about my mother's size, and I've kept her beautiful clothes. The quality was so good that the clothes really have stood up all these decades.

The outfit:

Jacket: Chanel from a store in Paris

Blouse: from the Emperor's Newest Clothes

Skirt: from Second Chance

Hat: a gift from her husband

Gloves: vintage

Shoes: from Second Chance

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

Purse: her mother's from the '40s

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