What are you wearing? Pelham Johnston

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Ohio State student; independent videographer

Neighborhood: Short North

Hometown: Worthington

Label your style: "Thrift store hipster"

Do you have a thrift-store strategy?

I usually go to the thrift store looking for toy keyboards or other musical instruments.If I find something good, it invigorates me to go search the clothing.

I mostly look for shirts, jackets, hats. I probably buy a pair of sunglasses every time I go.

What non-thrift stores do you like to shop at?

I have a few items from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, but almost all second-hand stuff. I buy most of my jeans at Rag-O-Rama.

Tell me about your shoe collection.

I've got a few pairs of old high-tops I like to wear. I've had a pair of Reebok Pumps for years and years. Only the left shoe still pumps up, so I walk lopsided in circles when I wear them. I'm wearing cowboy boots a lot lately.

What's the story behind your tape tattoo?

Dave at Sin City did it. Cassettes are dead to most people. They don't get any love like vinyl. They came and went in my generation, so there is some nostalgia. I remember buying my first tape at Used Kids. It was R.E.M.'s Green.

Is this neck beard part of your normal look?

Gotta rock the neck beard. That's all I can grow anyway!Maybe someday my head will talk to my neck and I will get hair on my face.

The outfit:

Shirt: from Ohio Thrift

Shorts: from Rag-O-Rama

Socks: purchased new from Ohio Thrift

Shoes: Vans from Urban Outfitters

Pin: from a friend

Glasses: Vintage safety glasses with the lenses popped out

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