Skin Deep: Phia Salon

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Fall is the midpoint between sunburned-skin summer and hairdryer-heavy winter. To protect your hair and skin, Phia Salon in the Short North offers facials and deep-conditioning treatments to target all sorts of concerns.

The Aveda salon is known for its fashion-forward styling and community-centric philanthropy. But their holistic approach to healthy beauty shouldn't be overlooked.

Hair should get a deep-conditioning treatment every four months, stylist Steven Leput suggests.

"With the change of seasons, it's good to have a good deep-conditioning treatment. Especially with summer - pool water, and you're out in the sun a lot," Leput said. "And then in the winter, everything's just super-dry anyway."

Because Aveda products use as many natural ingredients as possible, customers rarely have an adverse reaction to them, Phia stylists said.

The conditioning options include a basic treatment and a variety of "botanical therapies" that leave hair smelling like fresh-picked flowers and herbs. Some are targeted to combat dry or flakey scalps, others help with damaged, prone-to-breakage hair.

Glossing services that add dimension and shine are available as an add-on, and the scalp massage that comes with all of these services - and simultaneously works the product into hair even more - is a major perk.

Adding a facial just makes things nicer. The service will be getting more attention, too, once work on an under-construction facial room at Phia is complete.

Treatments that combat acne-prone skin or target wrinkles and big pores are available, as are the "freshen up and feel good" variety. An Embrightenment lotion evens out skin tone with immediate results, and the Green Science Perfecting Plant Peel treatment uses a mask that's equal to a 30-percent gycolic peel to remove the first layer of skin on the face without painful irritation.

"No matter what, there is a layer that just sits there. If you ever feel like you scrub and scrub and it never gets clean - you can just tell when you get the peel done," said Miriam Musa, a stylist who handles a lot of the facial appointments. "If you have any whiteheads or blackheads, they pretty much disappear. It's amazing."

Phia Salon

771 N. High St., Short North