What are you wearing? Jaleh Sadravi

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Training project leader for City Year, a national community-service organization

Neighborhood: Victorian Village

Hometown: Gahanna

Label your style: "Bold, colorful and cultural"

What kind of fashion statement does your City Year uniform make?

The red jacket is very recognizable not only to adults, but to kids. They see it, and they get really excited. We also wear Tims - and ours are dirty from service, but it's still a fashion statement.

Sometimes you can change it up - we have a vest and a pullover sweatshirt - but it's not really that fashionable. And everything's in men's sizes. These are men's pants.

It sounds like you're wearing the uniform all the time.

Yeah. So I take more risks with my fashion. In the evenings, even if I'm just going to the library or the bank, I have to wear something - it doesn't even have to match. I just want to wear my clothes.

How do you make your fashion sense work for work?

Sometimes I wear different scarves in my hair or different earrings - we're allowed to wear two studs in our ears, a watch and a bracelet, and up to three rings.

What might people catch you in otherwise?

I love lots of colors and mixing things up. I'll wear a cardigan, but the back will all be lace. I like to wear short skirts and crazy tights - I have this pair with pink and gray argyle.

What influences your style?

I studied abroad in Spain in 2007, and I was like, oh my gosh, Spanish fashion is amazing! They just take risks and wear anything.

The outfit:

Jacket: Timberland

Pants: Timberland

Boots: Timberland

Belt: Timberland

Watch: Timberland

Headband: her grandpa's bowtie, unwound

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