What are you wearing? Jyll Spikes

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Student at Columbus State

Neighborhood: East Side

Hometown: East Side

Label your style: "Trendy urban chic"

Are there any particular trends you like?

Leggings. I have about 30 pairs. They feel like nothing, and they go with everything. And I like color. I'll wear all different colors.

Where do you get ideas about the next trends?

I'm a bus person. You see lots of different stuff on the bus - lots of different stuff. And I sew, so you can give me something and I'll cut it up and sew it back together and add a ribbon to it.

What have you made?

I did that to all my grandma's old dresses. I cut the sleeves off and took the shoulder pads out - I wish I would have left them, I didn't know they were coming back into style.

How did you get into shopping and fashion?

My mother. That's all we did when we were younger was shop; that's all we do now. My mom's a catalog shopper.

Where do you shop most?

Macy's and Target.

What kind of accessories are you into?

Purses and shoes. And my hair had blue highlights at one time; now, they're blond - but this is a wig, so I just take it off. If I'm dressing kinda trendy, poppy, like today, then I need my poppy hair. It pulls the whole look together. But if it's just a normal day, my hair is usually pulled back in a bun.

The outfit:

Shirt: Rocawear from Macy's

Bag: BCBG from Macy's

Leggings: from Target

Bracelets: from Macy's

Earrings: from Glitter in Eastland Mall

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