Mikalene Guiser: What are you wearing?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Event marketing manager at "Columbus Business First"

Neighborhood: Grandview

Hometown: South Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Label your style: "Consignment chic"

What do you like to wear?

Everything I have on today, besides a couple jewelry pieces, is all consignment. And although I do only shop at consignment stores and thrift stores, I think the interesting thing is you can still dress professionally and in brand names.

What are the challenges of consignment shopping?

You can't just go to a consignment shop and expect to find something that day. My birthday was recently, and I was looking for a dress. I looked at every shop - it was hard to find something I wanted in my head. I ended up finding a really cute dress from Red Planet X.

What's your strategy?

I go probably at least once a week. And I don't always buy stuff, but I want to know what they have.

What do you wear a lot of?

I actually have a lot of white shirts; sweaters, button-downs, T-shirts. Because they're super, super versatile.

Do you wear much color otherwise?

I wear browns, navy blues; pretty basic colors. I have a lot of big, chunky necklaces. That's where my color comes from.

How does your style translate across your life?

My house is very minimalist. I don't have stuff. My philosophy is buy what you need and use what you buy.

The outfit:

Sweater: Old Navy, from Second Chance

Skirt: New York & Co., from One More Time

Tank: Ann Taylor Loft, from Second Chance

Belt: Banana Republic, from Red Planet X

Shoes: Forever 21, from Second Chance

Necklace: vintage, from One More Time

Watch: Anne Klein, from Kaufmann's

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