Window Shopping: Get Organized

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Luckily, there are plenty of organizational gadgets and tools to make the process a bit more fun - not to mention pretty. Consider it an early gift to yourself.


Birch veneer nesting boxes, $42 at Collier West

This set of four boxes can be filled with supplies or photos - or tucked inside each other to stay out of the way. They're simple and delicate, yet surprisingly sturdy.

To-do tablets, $7 at On Paper

Don't forget again with a to-do notepad tailored to different responsibilities: groceries, phone calls, office tasks. Check the applicable item off the pre-made list, and it's like you're halfway done already. For longer-term to-do's, On Paper carries customizable Filofax planners.

Wire letter holder, $30 at SoBo Style

Keep mail from stacking up (and bills from being late!) by sorting through it as soon as you get in the door. This trio of wire baskets is customizable - also consider labeling each with the names of the members of your household.


Magnetic frame, $11 at On Paper

You'd be surprised how much simply straightening the reminders on your fridge can do for your sense of sanity. Display snapshots in a few of these pretty magnetic "frames," and you'll be all set.

Laptop Lunches, $40 at Generation Green

Talk about organized: packing lunches for work or school is a breeze with these in-demand bento box lunch kits, said Generation Green co-owner Heather Johnson. Portion out your servings and zip it all up inside an insulated lunchbox that looks like a little laptop case.


Hanging shelves, $25 at The Container Store

Maximize your vertical space with these eco-friendly hanging shelves, which are made with bamboo and recycled materials. In addition to individual organizational items, The Container Store offers help with total closet makeovers.

Hanger sachets, $18 at Collier West

While you're straightening up the closet, freshen things up with sachets in scents like rose and lavender that hook over a hanger. Each time you push things around to pick out a new outfit, it'll stir up the scent.

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