Skin Deep: Rue Juve Medi-Spa and Salon

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The Lightwave Therapy device uses LED lights that interact with the skin on a molecular level to lessen acne, even out skin tone, eliminate sun spots and erase wrinkles, said Rue Juve co-owner Cathy Young.

The spa's far-Northwest location, which opened a year and a half ago, gives them access to a growing population that spans various generations, and Rue Juve has a gadget that meets everyone's needs.

"We want to pamper you, we want to take care of you, we want it to be all about you," Young said.

Rue Juve's name comes from the word "rejuvenate," and the offerings are all about renewing the skin, repairing problem areas and recontouring the body.

Because a doctor is on site (at the spinal and orthopedic office that's owned by the same group and shares the building), Rue Juve can offer injectable fillers like Juvederm and Botox.

They're complemented by procedures like laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and VelaSmooth, which uses a machine that suctions and rolls the skin to break down cellulite. A version adapted for the face might be added next, Young said.

"What I like about all the equipment is there's no downtime" for clients, she added. "You could come in here, have something done, and go right back to work."

The spa also offers an all-natural spray tan called Bronze Biologic that, unlike some other versions, doesn't rub off or stain clothes or nails.

Rue Juve's European Facial includes a magically relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Manager Tia Cole expertly brushes, wiggles and lightly pinches the face as she applies cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Sinus pressure and any lingering stress is relieved as temples and other pressure points are massaged into submission.

For a quicker pick-me-up, full salon services are available in addition to manicures and pedicures.

"In the beginning, we decided, If we're going to do hair, we might as well do nails. If we're going to do nails, we might as well do laser hair removal," Young said. "We cover everything."

Rue Juve Medi-Spa and Salon

6810 Perimeter Dr., Dublin