What are you wearing? Raven-Symone Ford

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Columbus State student and PNC bank teller

Neighborhood: Groveport

Hometown: East Side

Label your style: Young and trendy

What's your style inspiration?

Rihanna's "Disturbia" video. I love that mode. When she came out, I was like, "That's hot." I liked the whole vibe; I dyed my hair black. I try to take stuff and switch it up.

Where do you like to shop?

Forever 21, sometimes Wet Seal, and I like karmaloop.com; I'm an online shopper.

Do you have a lot of clothes?

Oh yeah. Shopping is a bad habit of mine. I have two little sisters, and they raid my closet. My 16-year-old sister can wear my clothes, and she'll come into my room and say, "Does this look good?" I think she's picking up on it. I wear jeans a lot now that it's cold, and I like to look for different styles - torn, color, splatters.

How did you get into fashion?

When I had my first job, which was at the movies in a mall, and I started getting my own money - I would come home every day with a bag. I'm one of the longest shoppers, though; I take time to look around.

Your first name is tattooed on your wrist. What's the story behind that?

I tell people my name, and they say, "That's not your name," [because of celebrity Raven-Symone of That's So Raven]. I have it tattooed on my wrist now, but they still don't believe me sometimes.

The outfit:

Jeans: Married to the Mob, from karmaloop.com

Black top: Forever 21

Leopard-print top: from Charlotte Russe

Shoes: from Wet Seal

Bangles, earrings: from Ashley Stewart

On Kolby: sweater and bejeweled collar from Posh Pets

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