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Female-centric golf apparel and accessory stores, on the other hand, aren't everywhere. And that's why Beth Januzzi-Underhill's boutique has year-round appeal.

Golf-Chic Boutique has operated as an online store for almost three years and just opened a brick-and-mortar location in Polaris Fashion Place. The cute and comfy dresses, leopard-print golf bags and rhinestone-covered ball markers Januzzi-Underhill offers fit the bill for all the female golfers in your life (and on your gift-buying list).

"Ladies think, The only place I can get golf stuff [in the off-season] is down in Florida," she explained.

Not so. Options tailored to women have exploded in the last few years, so while there's a narrow focus at Golf-Chic, there's plenty to choose from.

DKNY recently launched an apparel line, and detail-oriented looks from Jamie Sadock have a cult following, Januzzi-Underhill said. Most outfits will also blend in off the course, which is important for women with no time to change before running errands or having dinner with a friend, she added.

Looks matter quite a bit on the green, too.

"Sometimes it's more of a competition on the golf course of what you're wearing than how you play," she said.

And that's why everything from umbrellas to golf gloves have taken on a more feminine look.

"Ladies want fashion," said Januzzi-Underhill, pointing out mix-and-match separates with coordinating sandals to wear in the clubhouse after a round. "They're looking for style and comfort. Typical golf apparel five, seven years ago still looked like it was golf apparel - some of this stuff now, it does not look like golf apparel."

She's also developed an in-house brand, Divot Divas, including fun undershirts, boyshorts, golf towels and the like that shout things like "Kiss my putt" in rhinestones.

One section of the back wall is dedicated to little girl golfers, with lines designed just for them.

General gift items for golf enthusiasts abound here, too - golf-club-patterned socks, pasta shaped like golf bags, napkin sets printed with funny phrases.

The original Golf-Chic online store is based in Cincinnati, where Januzzi-Underhill lives. Buzz about the Columbus golf scene piqued her interest in opening a location here.

"I talked to my reps," she said, "and they all said ... there's a lot of golf up here, and the ladies need to be serviced."

Golf-Chic Boutique

Polaris Fashion Place, second floor



Hours: 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m. Sunday

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