Skin Deep: Eyelash-enhancing serums

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They say beauty is pain. In this case, beauty is more puzzling.

How ingredients called peptides and amino acids improve my lashes, I might never know. But I blindly coated my lash line with them, and the result was pain-free beauty in the form of longer lashes.

The whole business of putting chemicals on your eyelids might freak some people out, but I decided to take one for the team and try two different eyelash-enhancing serums for review.

The packages for NeuLash and Lash Allure both say they'll give you longer, healthier, fuller and darker lashes in four to six weeks.

I road-tested each, applying one to each lash line for two months.

Honestly, I expected my lashes to grow so much, they'd be cartoon-like. But while the lashes were noticeably longer to me, they didn't garner any comments from the people I see on a regular basis.

Both brands promised visible improvements after two weeks, but I couldn't tell until after three or four. Lashes are said to reach their peak after four to six weeks, but you should continue to apply the serum to make sure new lashes grow in long and full.

My samples were still going strong after two months, so one package should last for at least three.

Both NeuLash and Lash Allure - and most similar products on the market - can be used (carefully) on the lower lash line and to encourage sparse eyebrows to grow, although I didn't get guinea-pig that one on myself.

Lash Allure MD

2 of 5 stars

Pros:The lashes lengthened noticeably, although less so than with the NeuLash.

Cons:The bottle suggests you apply the serum both in the morning and at night, to the lash line and to the lashes themselves. The brush tip is thicker, which makes it more difficult to navigate these touchy eye areas.

Available at, Nordstrom and Dillard's, $50


4 of 5 stars

Pros:Not only did this one make my lashes longest, it also added serious lift. If you use an eyelash curler, you likely won't need it after using NeuLash for about six weeks; if you don't, look forward to wide and bright eyes. The wand's thin tip made it easier to apply.

Cons:For the money, I was hoping for something a bit more miraculous.

Available and Saks Fifth Avenue, $150

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