What are you wearing? Kevin Wharff

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Blue Jackets group event specialist; performing as single-man band Awwspit

Neighborhood: Grandview

Hometown: Marietta

Age: 24

Label your style: "Legendary"

Where do you like to shop?

On eBay. It's, like, three clicks and it ends up in your mailbox. You just gotta get lucky with the sizes, I guess. Once you find something, you might buy it in another color. Like, I collect these Members Only jackets, more or less.

How much of your wardrobe would you say is from eBay?

EBay or the thrift store - for non-business [clothes] - probably 80 to 90 percent.

What are some of your favorite eBay finds?

I got a "Yo! MTV Raps" shirt, one that had Notorious B.I.G.'s face on it. I got an American flag tank-top deal, which is pretty funny.

How do you find things?

Literally, things pop into my head - like, That would be cool on a shirt - and I type it in on eBay. And you can really find anything. I typed in "Michael Jackson necklace" and there were thousands of results. I was like, what?

Are you into sneakers?

Just these. Other than these, I wear boat shoes.

How did you get into a style like this?

In college at Ohio University, I lived across the street from a thrift store, New-to-You. I mean, you're going to get a pretty crazy style from using the clothes of townies in Athens - and even just seniors in college being like, "OK, I'm done with this phase."

The outfit:

T-shirt: from eBay, pre-2009

Hoodie: Old Navy

Jacket: Members Only, from eBay

Pants: from an ex-girlfriend

Shoes: original-edition Air Jordan 1 from eBay

Magnetic bracelet: "I wear these every day to keep stress away."

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