What Are You Wearing? Correna Starbuck

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Job: Salon coordinator at Phia

Neighborhood: Italian Village

Hometown: Cincinnati

Age: 34

Label: "Modern classics mixed with homemade and vintage"

Where do you like to shop?

I always check my neighborhood first, like Ladybird and Tigertree, and if that doesn't work out, I hit the mall. Like, J. Crew and Anthropologie. And I only get my shoes from Nordstrom - they have the best shoes ever.

You made this dress. How did you get so crafty?

When we were little kids, my mom would make us clothes and take us to thrift stores. She's a really creative dresser, and she taught us all to find our own style.

What influences your style?

My sister is a fashion designer, and she's doing this thing called The Uniform Project. She designed a dress, and her friend is wearing it for a whole year. People are sending in accessories for her to wear so the dress looks different every day.

The idea is sustainable fashion versus fast fashion, and I try to buy and wear things that either I make or are really well-made, and then updating them with different accessories over time to keep them fresh and current.

What's your fashion strategy?

To just get dressed once for the day. Every day, I put on leggings, a tank top and a long-sleeve cotton tee, and then I build from there. With this, I could go out to lunch, but then just take off the dress, and I have on leggings and a tank top and I can go to yoga.

The outfit:

Shirt: American Apparel

Dress: her mom's, repurposed

Belt: vintage, from Ladybird

Leggings: American Apparel

Shoes: Sofft from Nordstrom

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